Mechanized Parking Lots

With collaboration of one of the reputable factories of building mechanized and vertical parking lots with the most modern appliances and machines, Orafa company has been attempted to organize the process of city traffics and to utilize the vertical parking lots. 

In this regard, benefitting the Iranian skilled experts, this company has started building the vertical parking lots under the license of one of the Korean companies.

Fortunately, the expert's research regarding the problem of parking shortage or building modern and mechanized parking has been answered so that the engineering society of our country can serve Iranian citizens.

The constitution and initiation of vertical parking lots has been welcomed by many organizations like municipality and even the private sector and in this sense has been introduced as a green service. Considering society’s economic condition, the company can propose special accommodations for applicants and present its services fully.

For further information on the course of constitution, operation and usage of mechanized parking lots, you can see Dibaabniye Barsava Baharan company website: