Services and Consulting Unit

Service Department:

The strategy of Orafa advertising association is based on logic and plan employing novel and creative methods of development and strengthening of commercial brands in order to transfer a message to the society and thus create a real positive feeling.

In this sense, having provided the required atmosphere in the company during prolonged years, we hope to complete effective assistance for fulfilling advertising goals of Iranian and non-Iranian customers. 

Orafa company has accomplished these tasks in airline advertising for different brands. Owners of different commercial brands and products introduce their services through Orafa company in 34 airlines of country with modern technology including LED, LCD, SMD systems and also advertising billboards.


Consultation Department:

In the consultation department, consulting the customers is done with an attempt to selecting the type of construction and advertising time span, supervising on the conduct until reaching certain objectives, giving periodic reports and analytical process of advertising and economic account of projects.

Along with providing economic account, consultation department assists the customers with introducing full and comprehensive advertising programs for different projects and also presenting graphical patterns, teasers in visual and auditory medias and outdoor advertisements.